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Andre Beteille: Language and civilization

A FEW years ago at a dinner in Tokyo, hosted by the Japanese anthropologist, Prof. Chie Nakane, I said somewhat light- heartedly to a Cambridge academic seated next to me that I did not think the English were a particularly … Continue reading

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Andre Beteille: A Right for Every Season

Fifty year after Independence, India’s record as shown by some of  basic social indicators of development is dismally poor. The spotlight is now on failures on the front for elementary education, and there has been much public recrimination. Educationists have … Continue reading

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Andre Beteille: Indian Society Today (1988)

Many years ago Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about Indian society that the group was of paramount importance whereas the individual had only a secondary place in it. He had in mind the three basic institutions of traditional Indian society, the village … Continue reading

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Andre Beteille: How modern are we?

How modern are we? This, I believe, is a question which preoccupies a large number of educated Indians. I am not thinking now merely of certain economic arrangements, but of a whole conceptions of social and cultural life whose connections … Continue reading

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The meritarian principle, Andre Beteille (2002)

Some time last winter, the Harvard sociologist, Nathan Glazer, drew my attention to a public statement against the meritarian principle which had appeared in one of our national dailies. Glazer was intrigued by a misprint and asked if I knew … Continue reading

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Democracy in Bihar, Andre Beteille

The return of Nitish Kumar as the chief minister of Bihar has been welcomed by many as a good augury for democracy and development in the state. Bihar has had more than its fair share of misfortune in the last … Continue reading

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Beteen state and market : Andre Beteille

When the country became independent, people looked forward to a social transformation in India, and they expected the state to play a leading part in this transformation. Those who were placed at the helm of affairs were persons of great … Continue reading

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