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Lenin the lizard by M. Krishnan

Peeping from under a rafter in the ceiling, I see a pair of eyes — cold, beady eyes that search every nook and corner of the room for something to eat. And I know that Lenin, the fat and rascally … Continue reading

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The King Crow: M. Krishnan

THERE were some 30 cows in the grazing herd, four bull calves and two buffaloes. And once again I noticed that the king crows rode the coloured beasts, not the white ones. For a moment I thought I had confirmed … Continue reading

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Asoka’s Lion : M Krishnan (1953)

To one familiar with India’s fauna the choice of the Sarnath lion capital as the national emblem must seem somewhat remote. Even to one familiar with Indian art and the Mauryan period this must seem far-fetched. Only those who know … Continue reading

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A red test for the young : M Krishnan (1967)

Recently I had a occasion to ask a number of young university graduates, at an interview, a question which I thought a fair test of their knowledge of India and general awareness. I asked them to name two red-flowered trees, … Continue reading

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A letter to the editor : M. Krishnan (1955)

When I was young, I had one sure test for incipient senility. When people started writing in to the correspondence column of newspapers, they had left mental youth, and even middle age, well behind. The way I argued it, such … Continue reading

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