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A note on word ‘garden’

From the book ‘culture of flowers’, The English word ‘graden’ continues to mean an enclosure in which the soil has been worked over for planting plants of various kinds. It probably comes from the northern French form of ‘jardin’, but … Continue reading

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The English Language : Put up your dukes!

Meaning : Put up your fists and get ready to fight. This link claims that one can not be sure of origin of this phrase. Among three explanation given here, none make sense to me. S. Upendran writing in The … Continue reading

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Why so little uniqueness?

Now, India, along with Madagaskar, broke away from Africa some 160 million years ago. Don’t know why. Possibly both of them were pissed off. She spent more than 100 million years in isolation before colliding with Asia and thus giving … Continue reading

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