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On village Deities Chandan Gowda: How did you become interested in village deities? Siddalingaiah: I was always curious about gods. I often went to fairs and festivals with my grandmother and used to participate in the festivals of village deities as an … Continue reading

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Islamization in India : Richard M. Eaton

From the book The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier, 1204–1760 Four Conventional Theories of Islamization in India Theories purporting to explain the growth of Islam in India may be reduced to four basic modes of reasoning. Each is … Continue reading

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Some excerpts from Nandy’s “The intimate enemy”

In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined. — Thomas Szasz Nandy, a postmodernist, needless to say is a champion of traditional ways of life and — after tasting … Continue reading

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Porn and teens : A documentary Ryan proved articulate and unembarrassable enough to give Kidron, and her camera, a guided tour of his world. It was a place dominated by his anytime free access to hardcore pornography, via one screen or another, a place he … Continue reading

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Fear of modernity : Andre Beteille

What should be the attitude to tradition of the reasonable man? There are those who  demand adherence to tradition at any cost and ask that it be made the measure of all things. There are others for whom tradition is … Continue reading

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Self hatred of intellectuals : Andre Beteille, 1991

I was present recently at an academic gathering where a popular social scientist was speaking on a subject of general interest: the contradictions of Indian society. Halfway through this talk, and without much warning, he lurched into an attack on … Continue reading

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Thesis of love : Philippa Perry

Philia which they saw as a deep but usually non-sexual intimacy between close friends and family members or as a deep bond forged by soldiers as they fought alongside each other in battle. Ludus describes a more playful affection found … Continue reading

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