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Andre Beteille on Hazards of multi-cultarism

Multi-culturalism is an attractive social and political programme, although it is not without its hazards. Since most people who speak of multi-culturalism speak in its praise, I will in what follows also say something about its hazards. Multi-culturalism is based … Continue reading

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Andre Beteille: A Right for Every Season

Fifty year after Independence, India’s record as shown by some of  basic social indicators of development is dismally poor. The spotlight is now on failures on the front for elementary education, and there has been much public recrimination. Educationists have … Continue reading

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The importance of Rights

From “Democracy in America”, by Alexis de Tocqueville. Chapter 16. After the idea of virtue, I know no higher principle than that of right; or, to speak more accurately, these two ideas are commingled in one. The idea of right … Continue reading

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