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Suicides : Durkhiem Types

Egoistic Suicide The cause for lower rates of suicide [among Catholics, Jews compared to Protestant] is to be found within the nature of the religious confession itself. But such an explanation, Durkheim insisted, cannot refer to the religious percepts of … Continue reading

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EPW: Modernity and godmen To the well-off sections of the society, where the followers come from higher echelons of caste and class, it is not so much about the need for faith but the dire need to protect their self-image of being distinguished … Continue reading

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Andre Beteille: Indian Society Today (1988)

Many years ago Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about Indian society that the group was of paramount importance whereas the individual had only a secondary place in it. He had in mind the three basic institutions of traditional Indian society, the village … Continue reading

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Andre Beteille: How modern are we?

How modern are we? This, I believe, is a question which preoccupies a large number of educated Indians. I am not thinking now merely of certain economic arrangements, but of a whole conceptions of social and cultural life whose connections … Continue reading

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A point of view of an outsider: Excerpts from first few chapters from ‘Alberuni’s India

The tradition regarding an event which in itself does not contradict either logical or physical laws will invariably depend for its character as true or false upon the character of the reporters, who are influenced by the divergency of interests … Continue reading

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