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Cinema and societies : A collection of interviews

 With Aamir Khan,   We keep hearing that the reason we don’t make the kind of cinema that other nations make is that our audience isn’t cine-literate enough, that they only want entertainment. Do you think stars have a … Continue reading

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P. Sainath: Games big corporations play

Over 20,000 killed. Over half a million victims maimed, disabled or otherwise affected. Compensation of around Rs.12,414 per victim on average on the 1989 value of the rupee. ($470 million or Rs.713 crore. And that divided among 574,367 victims.) Over … Continue reading

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Alexis De Tocquevile on “American Woman”

.. [American woman] has been taught beforehand what is expected of her [after marriage], and voluntarily and freely does she enter upon this engagement.  She supports her new condition with courage, because she chose it. As in America paternal discipline … Continue reading

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