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Self hatred of intellectuals : Andre Beteille, 1991

I was present recently at an academic gathering where a popular social scientist was speaking on a subject of general interest: the contradictions of Indian society. Halfway through this talk, and without much warning, he lurched into an attack on … Continue reading

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Asoka’s Lion : M Krishnan (1953)

To one familiar with India’s fauna the choice of the Sarnath lion capital as the national emblem must seem somewhat remote. Even to one familiar with Indian art and the Mauryan period this must seem far-fetched. Only those who know … Continue reading

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A red test for the young : M Krishnan (1967)

Recently I had a occasion to ask a number of young university graduates, at an interview, a question which I thought a fair test of their knowledge of India and general awareness. I asked them to name two red-flowered trees, … Continue reading

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Promise of equality : Andre Beteille

By Andre Beteille IN THE past, Indian society was unique in the extremes to which it carried the principle and practice of inequality; today Indian intellectuals appear unique in their zeal for promoting the adoption of equality in every sphere … Continue reading

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Sudhir Kakar on Indian ancient text ‘Kamasutra’

Contrary to its reputation for prurience, the Kamasutra is a sober little work. Its author, reputedly a celibate, operates very much within the Hindu scholarly tradition. He quotes the opinions of other  scholars on a problem, the weaknesses in their … Continue reading

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Andre Beteille on ‘Women reservation’

Dissension over the Bill for reservation of seats for women once again threw Parliament into turmoil. Dissension in Parliament is not new, but this time it appears that matters may not settle down very easily or very soon. It is … Continue reading

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