Who named Indian broadcasting services in India ‘All India Radio’?

Lionel Fielden arrived in 1935 to India to become the first controller of broadcasting for the Indian State Broadcasting Services (ISBS) which, in all likelihood, was named after British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Fielden thought that title of ISBS is too clumsy and he wished a new name could be given.

I cornered Lord Linlithgow after a Viceregal banquet, and said plaintively that I was in a great difficulty. … I said I was sure he agreed with me that ISBS was a clumsy title. … But I could not, I said, think of another title; could you help me? … It should be something general. He rose beautifully to the bait. ‘All India?’ I expressed my astonishment … [It was] the very thing.  But surely not ‘Broadcasting?’ After some thought he suggested ‘Radio’. Splendid, I said, and what a beautiful initials. (Fielden in ‘The Broadcasting in India, Awasthy G. C., 1965).

Guru and Gramophone, Amanda Weidman, essay published in ‘Cultural History of Modern India’, Social Science Press, p167


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