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Trials of Indian Democracy : Andre Beteille (1999)

Indian democracy has been sailing through troubled waters in the last couple of decades. It  is not that there were no problems in the first quarter century after independence. But these problems began to show an increasingly acute form with … Continue reading

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A note on word ‘garden’

From the book ‘culture of flowers’, The English word ‘graden’ continues to mean an enclosure in which the soil has been worked over for planting plants of various kinds. It probably comes from the northern French form of ‘jardin’, but … Continue reading

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M. N. Srinivas on ‘social change in moden India’ : Religion and people

Following was posted on IIT Bombay newsgroup in response to a post on ‘Promotion of scientific temper’ where the author was pained by the behavior of a senior scientist at ISRO. This particular scientist went to some religious place to … Continue reading

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A report on current status of Black Pepper in Kerala

In Volume 29 – Issue 20 :: Oct. 06-19, 2012 THE LAST STAND Throughout history, its production and trade was sought to be monopolised by  various players. In its own homeland, pepper wealth was often used to great advantage by … Continue reading

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Dr. Ballantyne and his quest for Hindi language

In 1840s, a certain Dr. J. R. Ballantyne was the principal of the Benaras College. The  Education Department’s Annual report of 1846-47 tells of him making several attempts to “improve” the Hindi style of his students. The result, it appears … Continue reading

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