Some quality Western intellectuls in Indian context

1. Nicholas Boyle, of Cambridge.

2. Hans Medick, of Gottingen.

3. Robert P. Goldman of the University of California at Berkeley.

4. Richard Eaton from America. According to Ramachandra Guha,

“His book The Rise of Islam on the Bengal Frontier is a classic. It starts with a puzzle: how did Islam most flourish in a part of the sub-continent distant from the centres of Muslim rule? Why did Bengalis convert en masse when the Rajputs and Jats, so close to Delhi, did not? Eaton learnt some new languages to find out. Still, the answer required him to detour into geography, agriculture, anthropology, religious history, and architecture. His book thus became a ‘total’ history. Yet it is presented in prose so transparent that it effectively masks the years of dogged and difficult research which lie beneath it. The illustrations, gathered from the author’s fieldwork, are an added treat.”

5. Eleanor Zelliot. He is a historian of untouchability mainly works in Maharastra.


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