Is the word ‘chinki’ offensive ?

In support: Chinki is an endearing nickname in north India. South Indians are called madrasiby north ­Indians. What’s the big deal with calling you chinki?

Argument : First, chinki as an endearing nickname might just be an Indian anomaly. Second, madrasi is a term for cultural rejection used by one dominant cultural player against an equal opponent; it is cultural politics, not racial ideology, and both are equally poisonous. Third, when you call me chinki and abuse me for ­being chinki, it is a racist gesture and practice that carries a historical baggage of hostility, subjugation and oppression; you are naming and shaming me from a position of power while I have no power to respond to you as your equal. The naming, shaming and abuse is not your human foible. It is a social ideology you have inherited from a social order that has never been challenged for its race thinking.

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About Dilawar

Graduate Student at National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore.
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