The Hindi Language : Purusha

Now this word पुरुष (purush) means “a man” in Sanskrit and and other related languages of Hindi and Bangla and possibly others also. In rig-veda this word used to mean both woman and man. Sanskrit was very gender neutral language. The language which is possibly derived from it must be gender insensitive. Bangla do posses these characteristics, Hindi does not. To say that Hindi is directly derived from Sanskrit would only make sense VHP and RSS.  Anyway, meaning of this word was changed to “man” by Brahmans especially after Vedas. Why? Hard to say? Possibly while Brahmans were strengthening the idea of family, they thought it is necessary to take away some meaning out of few words i.e. to give man more rights over woman. Now, especially in Mahabhrata, पुरुषार्थ (the meaning of being a man) was the center-idea of this epic.



About Dilawar

Graduate Student at National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore.
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