I refuse to evolve

Horshoe crab and Mice Pandey. The Indian horseshoe crab, the world’s oldest living creature with a history of 562 million years, has just been declared a protected being by the Government. Environmentalist Mike Pandey doesn’t quite know whether to feel happy or sad. "I am of course happy because now it will not get smuggled out of the country or sold for as little as 25 paise, but it has been a long struggle. I made a film about its importance 14 years ago, nothing much happened then", he says. TheHindu: Jan 14, 2010

This creature is known as Horse-shoe crab. What is so special about him? It has refused to grow up. For all these million years it has lived on earth, there is literally no evolution in this species. It is known as living fossil. But it has changed our world. It has 10 eyes. Each eye percieves one color. These colors get mixed in brain. Professot Heartline and his team got an idea from it thus inventing color cube which gave birth to color television.


About Dilawar

Graduate Student at National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore.
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